Tuesday, 28 April 2015

ANZAC Assembly

On Friday we had Assembly we talk about ANZAC and  war 1 then we talk about Maori`s. On war 1 there were 8000 people went on the ship they thought that they were going on a trip but no they were going to the war.

They died for us  and to save the county we were lucky.I
Have you been to a ANZAC Assembly at your school? have it was cool we talk about lots of thing like the about the war.

Me and my friend were talking about the war.Do you know if war 2 is done?Thing its done but my friend thinks that war 2 aset prast but it has prast.

Then we waited for a well then we went outside we had to be quiet for 1min the we talk about the bots the the army went on.

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