Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Best Birthday Ever

Have you had a best birthday ever?I am going to tell
you about mine it was the best birthday was a big birthday.

On my best birthday I was 7. It was so so cool and super big!.I had lots of yummy food and I had a cool cake.

Then i went to have some fun we played lots of games.They were cool as games.Then we went to the park we played ting it was fun at the park.

All of my family came to my Birthday the cake was yummy.It was cool and fun and it was the best
birthday.My 7th birthday was the coolies.

I felt happy and excited that I had the best birthday ever in the word.

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  1. Hi Ta,
    i like the way you used a good story
    i liked that you used your thinking tools and your hat.
    what was your birthday like?
    #By:Aletheia Fifita Tamaki primary school


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