Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics Day

Last Friday I woke up and I knew it Athletics Day so I grabbed my red clothes. I am in Te Aurere!
At school we had to get into our t shirts and shorts to show our house colour.The first thing we did was sprinting. I was in the first line I was running so hard that I came second.Then the second line went and the lines keep going. When all the lines were finished we did the finals. When I went I was so nervous inside I just couldn't  wait I said in my head. BANG there it went, I was going so fast but then ‘Oh no why’ I said . I lost but I did I didn't come last.

After a while we changed to shot put . When we got there I really wanted to come first, second or third. We went to sit down and a teacher told us the instructions. What she said is if you think that you know how to play shot put please go with the boys. If you think you need more help stay where you are . We went into a line The first person 2,3,4 went then it came to me .I tried so hard but I just wasn't quite there yet.

I really enjoyed athletics day but it was hard.  What I enjoyed the most was having a  sack bag race.   I think you should join TeAurere house because we work so hard.