Thursday, 17 September 2015

Crocodile and the man

One day a man went for a swim then a crocodile came along. Then he ran to the Boat and could for help but know one look around. He felt frighted of the crocodile
he was shocked and he was surprised.   

He swim back so fast the crocodile nearly killed .Him the crocodile was creeping (said the man) when he was on the boat before the crocodile was banging on the boat.

The Bull

On a nice sunny day a man went for a swim and out of nowhere came a bull he was frightened and very surprised he ran as fast as he could.The bull was very dangerous.

The man should help help know one realize . He need help the bull jump up over the sand bag and ran to the man.The man was even more frightened about the bull.  

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My cross country.

On Monday the 7th of September At 1pm our whole school did cross country Mr va”afususga At the race I was not good i felt sick or something like want people have when it exceeding It was it we had to start the race Mrs Burt said really sit Go

I ran people said go T.A and to everybody oles all the people said go to everybody the race was hard .

It was so sunny at 1:pm I was sweating throw the run I stopped for a minute it was hot like lava when I first laid up i felt like I had butterflies in my tummy I was really scared for know reason I really wanted to come 1,2,3.

When I came 7th I was not very parade of myself  but I know that I was trying my hardest I push myself to go hard. When my 2 friends came first I was very proud of them.

I felt Happy when I tried my hardest I tried to be speed up  I felt happy for my  place even if I came 7th I still tried my best.