Monday, 23 February 2015

The pt england way- Use your WITS

Using your WITS is what you do when someone is bothering you. They are 4 words and that is Walk away, Ignore it, Talk about it and Seek help.

Walk away means if someone is using their eyes to be unkind walk away. If you walk where they can’t see you then you will feel safer, go as far as you can. One time girls were calling me names so I walked away so I couldn’t hear them anymore.

Ignore it means if someone is calling you names and you just ignore what they say. To ignore them you don’t look at them and you are not listening. When someone was being unkind to me I didn’t listen.

Talk about it means if someone is hurting you at the park or somewhere else you can talk about it.You say to them Stop I don’t like it. When I was at the park some samoan boys were calling me names and I said Stop calling me names. I don’t like it.

Seek help means if someone is going to hold your arm.Tell a friend if      they do hold your arm.If your friend is sreder of the person then seek

Use your WITS so you can tell others to do the right thing.

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  1. Helpful explanation of what it means to use your WITS! Well done.

    Mrs Burt


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