Friday, 24 October 2014

Cybersmart Explanation

Do you know what cyber smart means?. It is using your brain and your heart. using my brain is smart and using my heart is being bave at everything and doing your best. Cyber smart is using everything you got.

using my brain-
Using my brain is thinking and being nice to others.Think before you do or say.Using your brain is good and being cyber smart when you

using my heart-
Using my heart is when you do your best  work every day  at school and home. Use your heart  and you will be cyber smart.

cyber smart-
Being cyber smart  is when you know what you are doing and being smart on line and being everywhere  at school at home everywhere you go.  


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  1. Well done T.A. You did very well to explain what this korero means. Remember to write some examples of what each idea looks like.


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