Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The egg crazy day..!!

On the  21st of Wednesday me and my partner Aramanielle had a crazy day with our class when Mrs bax said that we had to have an egg friend it was a crazy thing. I liked it when  we were drawing our Egg friend.

Then Mr bax said that we were having a egg friend face how crazy is he getting so our class was like an Friend Race. Then we went to our lines and we went to our partner and we both had to race together we had a challenge it was very hard because we had to walk with the eggs.

When we  did our egg Race I really didn't want to lose my friend so I jaitley go to walk with the egg friend THEN he fell he splash on to the bunk it was so guwy OH Know I said.  

I had so much fun playing the egg friend race.  I was also sad that we couldn't save the egg.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My best holiday ever..

On the holiday me and my family went to water world I was there on Saturday and they were extremely exceeded. I went there because of my birthday.  When I went in the cold freezing water I felt like I was about to freeze it was like ice. I was in the cold water for  a tiny bit long. Then I went to the warm pool I was so warm in the pool then it started to get hot so I went to the cold and freezing pool.

Then At 1:00 me and my brothers and my dad went out of the pool because we had a yummy feed it was so yummy we had mince and sausage for our kai For drest we had ice cream and cake.  

Then the day after me and my brother and my dad and step mum went to a shop and buy some shoes and some clothes  on that day it was the best. My cousins were so excited to be with us because we haven't been at my aunt's house it been so long seec i’ve been At there house.

My favourite thing that I did was dieing my hair Red I like it. It was exciting I was so Happy. `