Thursday, 26 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp

Camp!I had camp at my school.At camp it`s so cool.I have fun there its my first time to camp we get to go to camp two time`s
when your a year 5 and 6 and I went to camp on Wednesday.I went with my class I`m in room 10 and 9.My camp group was Matapono e.

On the first day it was so hot and I was poring hard out i just wanted to go to the pool`s we were the first one`s to go in the hall.It was so cool there was soaks. Bolls.Bolls and lots of cool things.

We had swimming when the school was finished.When it was bedtime we had to brush our teeth.Then when we brush our teeth we went in our tents it was freezing obit all of my blankets on me.

The next day it was cool I went to go to kayoing.It was so fun it was cold water.I cadet wait to swim we waited to about 1hor or 2hir Min`s then we went to have a swim.

On the last day we went to Mange re Pools.It was so cool there had cool toilets.There was to water slide it was fun we only went on one slide  i went on it for loge.

Then when we the slide was colesd. We.We went to the diving pool.I wish that camp never finished I can't wait till next camp.My favourite game was top town,but we lost but it was cool I had to march fun.Then I said man its cold its freezing.

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