Monday, 27 July 2015

My holidays

Guess what? In the holidays from 12:30-5:00 I got to go to lollipop land! I was so hot I was hot like a volcano.

There`s a big slide it so fun! It was my cousin's birthday we had so much! There were yum things to eat my yummiest thing was the cake it was sweet and yummy.I went with my family we played tag.

At lollipop land they were cool stuff.We could play on a spinning thing it go around and around it was exciting and I was really extremely happy!!. It was the best and Wonderful time.Then on Monday it was my aunt's birthday but we just went to her house.

Next we went to the pools and the park.We Surprised her with kisses and food and a big birthday there were a lot of presents for her the biggest present was a TV.

She said she had so much fun .She went to my house to sleep. because my cousins were at my aunts house.    

At the end of the birthday we all slept at her house I felt happy and exceeding for the next time we have a birthday.

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