Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My weekend

On the weekends me and my family had a party my cousins came over to my house but first we went to my Nana`s house then the next day we had a BBQ and are party it was cool my cousin sleepover my house.then they went.I like the weekend. it was a cool weekend.

I like weekend`s it`s fun you can like go to the park I like the park it`s fun playing at the park i like the park it`s fun and cool or you can go some where owns to go they are lots of fun things to do when it`s the weekend I have fun in the weekend it fun for me.

it was really cool in the weekend I had fun in the weekends I go to the park some time it cool I like it at the park come they with my family they is a tree that is a tree hart I claim the tree house.

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