Monday, 15 September 2014

cross country

on September the 11 it was cross country for our whole  school I ran with  the  year  4 girls  some of the year 4 girls are good at running so am I. We had to get in our house colours.

I came 8 we ran and ran some time people stopped and I stopped running then iI stopped running then keep running to. it was a good run and I don't care if I came last because i came 8.

The house colours are (Takitimu), yellow),Te Arawa), Red),Tainui blue and Mataatua green,I liked cross country it is fun running the first girl was faiso  and the 2nd girl was Annelis and the 3nd girl was penny and the 4nd girl was Angel.

I felt good and my favourite part was when I was running to the end.

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